Aluminium Kai 2 2.1.2

Netscape and Metal Lion Meet.

Netscape and Metal Lion Meet.

Works with:
  • Firefox Firefox: 1.5 – 2.0.0.*

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Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) 3.38

This eXtreme edition is a fully skinned version which will make it look exactly the same as the screen shot no matter what OS you are using, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, MAC OSx, or Linux. It will change most elements in Firefox.

To access Theme Options, goto Tools --> Themes --> [Right click on "Noia 2.0" Theme] --> About Noia 2.0

Works with:
  • Firefox Firefox: 2.0 – 2.0.0.*

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Search Engines

Amazon's A9 search engine
Better tools get you better results.
BBC News
Search for the latest news from the BBC.
Find information to help manage and grow your business.
Search through most bookmarked sites.
Get the latest sports news, scores, and highlights.
Search for hotels by destination with Expedia's Best Price Guarantee.
Search for photos on Flickr.
Search for movies and movie listings
The Internet Movie Database.
Search your LinkedIn network for the people you need when you are on any Web site. search engine.
Lonely Planet
Search through Lonely Planet's travel guides.
Stock quote look-up and financial information.
English dictionary search.
A real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere
USA Today
Find the latest news from across the USA and around the world.
Weather Channel
Enter city, state or zip code to find your weather information.
The incredible free encyclopedia.
Yahoo! Answers
Search real answers to real questions from real people.
Search engine for kids and teens.

All dictionaries

These dictionaries work with the spell-checking feature in Firefox.

Install dictionary (242 KB) English
AfrikaansAfrikaans (af-za)Install (588 KB)
ArabicعربيInstall (3510 KB)
BelarusianБеларуская (be-classic)Install (3860 KB)
BelarusianБеларускаяInstall (3843 KB)
BulgarianБългарски (bg-bg)Install (258 KB)
Catalancatalà-valenciàInstall (556 KB)
CzechČeštinaInstall (1175 KB)
WelshCymraegInstall (675 KB)
DanishDanskInstall (479 KB)
GermanDeutsch (de-at)Install (2535 KB)
GermanDeutsch (de-ch)Install (347 KB)
GermanDeutsch (de-de-alt)Install (330 KB)
GermanDeutsch (de-de)Install (2534 KB)
GreekΕλληνικά (el-en)Install (3109 KB)
GreekΕλληνικά (el-gr)Install (1546 KB)
English (Australian)English (Australian)Install (193 KB)
English (Canadian)English (Canadian)Install (242 KB)
English (British)English (British)Install (245 KB)
EnglishEnglishInstall (242 KB)
EsperantoEsperanto (eo-eo)Install (90 KB)
Spanish (Argentina)Español (Argentina)Install (195 KB)
Spanish (Spain)Español (de España)Install (290 KB)
et-eeet-eeInstall (844 KB)
BasqueEuskaraInstall (431 KB)
FinnishsuomiInstall (2427 KB)
FrenchFrançais (fr-fr)Install (278 KB)
FrenchFrançaisInstall (298 KB)
IrishGaeilgeInstall (287 KB)
gl-esgl-esInstall (516 KB)
HebrewעבריתInstall (802 KB)
CroatianHrvatskiInstall (724 KB)
hsbhsbInstall (160 KB)
HungarianMagyarInstall (494 KB)
IcelandicíslenskaInstall (654 KB)
ItalianItaliano (it-it)Install (384 KB)
lalaInstall (86 KB)
LithuanianlietuviškaiInstall (354 KB)
LatvianLatviešu (lv-lv)Install (825 KB)
Norwegian (Bokmål)Norsk bokmålInstall (1061 KB)
Norwegian (Nynorsk)Norsk nynorskInstall (1061 KB)
DutchNederlands (nl-nl)Install (954 KB)
DutchNederlandsInstall (952 KB)
DutchNederlandsInstall (952 KB)
PolishpolskiInstall (1004 KB)
Portuguese (Brazilian)Português (do Brasil)Install (121 KB)
Portuguese (Portugal)Português (Europeu)Install (136 KB)
Romanianromână (ro-ro)Install (994 KB)
RomanianromânăInstall (212 KB)
RussianРусскийInstall (459 KB)
SlovakslovenčinaInstall (2566 KB)
SlovenianSlovenskoInstall (1151 KB)
srpskisrpskiInstall (510 KB)
latinicalatinicaInstall (510 KB)
SwedishSvenska (sv)Install (266 KB)
UkrainianУкраїнська мова (uk-ua)Install (358 KB)

BlackX 2.0 2.0.1

Black and White.

Black and White.

Works with:
  • Firefox Firefox: 2.0 – 2.0.0.*

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Myfirefox is the theme of the most perfectly simulating Internet Explorer 7+ by far. It can work perfectly in Widnows Vista Ultimate.

If you want hide menubar .you can use Personal Menu ! this is a very good Extension.

You can install Firefox Showcase Extension .to make FireFox showcase button working

you can use ChromEdit Plus to customize myFirefox theme to suit yourself !
Good Luck !

If you want show searchbar-engine-image , you can add these strings into userChrome.css .
/* show searchbar-engine-image */
.searchbar-engine-image{display:-moz-box !important;}
toolbar:not([iconsize="small"]) .searchbar-engine-button .searchbar-dropmarker-image {
display:none !important;}

If you want make menubar to the top of toolbox , you can add these strings into userChrome.css .
#toolbar-menubar{display:-moz-box !important ;}

●If you don't want the Tab Bar Buttons, you can add these strings into userChrome.css to hide them:

/* Hide Back Menu in toolbar */
#myBackMenu{ display:none !important ;}

/* Hide all toolbarbutton in tabbar */
.tabbrowser-strip {-moz-binding:none !important;}

/* Hide toolbarbotton in left tabbar */
#myTab-Left-toolbar{display:none !important ;}

/* Hide FireFox showCase button */
#myShowCaseButton{display:none !important ;}

/*Hide display your bookmarks button */
#myTabBookmarks-button{display:none !important ;}

/* Hide bookmark this page button */
#myAddBookMark-button{display:none !important ;}

/* Hide all button in right tabbar */
#myTab-Right-toolbar{display:none !important ;}

/*Hide Undo Close Tab button */
#myUndoCloseTab{display:none !important ;}

/*Hide Home button */
#myTabhome-button{display:none !important ;}

/*Hide downloads button */
#myTabdownloads-button{display:none !important ;}

/*Hide PageInfo button */
#myPageInfo{display:none !important ;}

/*Hide print this page button */
#myPrint-stack{display:none !important ;}

/*Hide Extend Button button */
#myExtendButton{display:none !important ;}

/* Hide SideBar header button */
sidebarheader {-moz-binding:none !important;}

/* Hide status bar button */
#status-bar {-moz-binding:none !important;}

/* Hide Find in this Page button */
#myMenu_find{display:none !important ;}

/* Hide increase button */
#myZoom-stack{display:none !important ;}

Works with:
  • Firefox Firefox: 2.0 – 3.0a8

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PitchDark for Fx 2.0.2

Dark-colored minimalistic theme with emphasis on visibility, usability and maximum screen real estate.

One of the few dark-colored themes and also minimalistic in nature. Designed with visibility in mind. It also uses smaller toolbars and icons to maximize screen real estate.

Rooted from the outdated Phoenity Dark themes from Lim Chee Aun and Tom Wilson.

Works with:
  • Firefox Firefox: 2.0b2 – 2.0.0.*

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